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NameDescriptionFile Size
Final Fantasy 7 Nice theme, even better game 1.6 M
JediKnight This game is the big rave of online games 1.1 M
Leisure Suit Larry Based on sierra game by Al Lowe 530 K
Magic The Gathering This theme is as good as the card game! 5.0 M
Mech Warrior Theme based on the game mech warrior 970 K
Monopoly I'm sure you've played this classic 444 K
Mortal Kombat Based on the kung-fu game with tons of finishing moves 940 K
Pac Man Pac man is still fun 301 K
Samurai Shodown This was the only samurai showdown theme i could find 1.4 M
Street Fighter II Based on the kung-fu game 900 K
Quake Theme for all you quake maniacs 691 K
Ultima Ultima holds record for most online gamers at once 388 K
Warcraft II Glittering Prizes! 407 K