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NameDescriptionFile Size
Casino The pen is mightier than the sword, hehe 1.0 M
Clerks Kevin Smith maxed out his plastic to make this 834 K
Dead Poets Society Based on the Robin Williams flick 1.7 M
Dragonheart At least the dragon looked cool 1.0 M
Reservoir Dogs Great movie, great theme 347 K
Dusk til Dawn Tarantino directed the first half of this one 886 K
FaceOff Stars Nick Cage and Travolta 940 K
Godfather Based on the first movie 403 K
Hell Raiser Based on the cult classic horror film 258 K
Jurassic Park One of the top10 money making movies of all time 469 K
Killing Zoe You can tell Tarantino was at work here 932 K
Liar Liar Movie starring Jim Carey 1.1 M
Men In Black Time to kick some alien butt! 262 K
Mr.Bean Based on the slapstick English comedy 885 K
Neverending Story Based on the childrens fantasy film 1.9 K
The Professional Who says hitmen are cold hearted? 1.2 M
Pulp Fiction Satire directed by Tarantino 1.7 K
Swingers A brilliant comedy 368 K
Tombstone Based on the hit western 574 K
Tommy Boy Won't be another movie like this one 820 K
Trainspotting Based on the hillarious film trainspotting 928 K
UHF Wierd Al Yankovic at his best 1.0 M
War Games A phreakin good movie 512 K

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