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NameDescriptionFile Size
Foo Fighters This is Dave Grohl's break-off band 897 K
Frank Zappa Hey, its a frank zappa theme! 2.7 M
Grateful Dead My dead theme will be here soon! 829 K
Hendrix, Jimi A tribute to the guitar legend 771 K
Led Zeppelin Got their name from the Hindenburgh 1.0 M
Lennon, John Imagine this theme on your desktop 399 K
Madonna Based on America's favorite mom 341 K
Marley, Bob Legendary rastaman 2.2 M
Matthews, Dave These guys rock! 1.1 M
Metallica Based on the heavy metal band 1.1 M
Monkees The show rocks 1.0 M
NIN Based on broken album 1.0 M
No Doubt This is for the generation Y'ers 840 K
Pearl Jam Really popular theme 723 K
Phish Taste like chicken 350 K
Pink Floyd Momentary Lapse of Reason theme 1.4 M
Primus Southpark rocks! 1.0 M
Presley, Elvis Where are you elvis? 1.2 M
Queen The popular queenies 220 K
Rush They sing tom sawyer 1.9 M
Sex Pistols A cult classic band 1.8 M
Spinal Tap Wait, how did this one get in here? 371 K
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Was one of the greatest blues men ever 1.0 M

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